People and Places in Our Neighbourhood

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Local neighbourhoods provide much potential for geographical learning – through investigation, exploring, making and building, use of language, imagination and problem solving. As they investigate their local areas, young geographers make strong connections with their surroundings, resulting in a desire to learn about and care for their own places and environments.

Using the exciting, hands-on activities in People and Places in Our Neighbourhood, your students will:

  • employ skills of observation and classification to describe local places  
  • begin to recognise and distinguish between the natural, managed and constructed features of places 
  • explore the interconnections between places and people, both locally and globally 
  • learn about the links to Country/Place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

People and Places in Our Neighbourhood is fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Geography for Years F–2. It contains more than 35 downloadable worksheets that cover every content description in the Geographical Knowledge and Understanding strand, making it an invaluable resource for busy teachers attempting to introduce effective geography instruction to the primary classroom.

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