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What Is a “Good” Teacher?

Author: David Booth , Richard E Coles

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ISBN: 9781760568528

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Publish date: 22/10/2018

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In this practical book, David Booth and Richard Coles explore the
issues involved in the question What Is a
“Good” Teacher?
They examine this complicated inquiry from multiple
perspectives, by including the diverse voices of educators from primary,
secondary and tertiary contexts. Rather than outlining a fixed group of
criteria, they have adopted a framework, based on theory and classroom
practices, that allows teachers to develop a holistic understanding of teaching
and learning as a proves for professional growth.

What Is a “Good” Teacher? encourages you to:

  • develop a teacherly identity – from enjoying
    being among students to setting high expectations for every student

  • know your students – from respecting and
    advocating for every child to supporting differentiated instruction

  • develop your teaching strategies and
    techniques – from establishing clear objectives to recognising ages and stages

  • understand how effective schools work –
    from joining and participating in teaching teams to valuing a range of literacies
    and numeracies throughout the curriculum.

The authors have collected thirty characteristics of excellence in
teaching that offer teachers a vision for identifying their own strengths and opportunities
for personal and professional growth as classroom leaders. They believe each
teacher should be able to create an independent and strategic pathway for
continuing to become the “best teacher they can be for their students”.