Reaching & Teaching Them All

Making Quick and Lasting Connections with Every Student in Your Classroom

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Publish Date: 22 October 2018

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Whether students are outgoing or withdrawn, are defiant or inattentive, have developmental disabilities or suffer from mental illness, connecting with them is the key to teaching them. This remarkable book shows you how to connect with students, get to know what makes them tick and discover what makes them behave and learn the way they do (or don’t). The book’s conversational style is supported by well-researched information on students with challenges and those students who challenge a teacher.

Reaching & Teaching Them All shows you how to use body language, humour, shared experiences and curriculum to engage students, manage the classroom and support learning.

This practical book argues that reaching students is about making connections and it offers proven strategies for:

  • making the most of the first meeting, creating relevant connections in all curriculum areas and using technology effectively
  • being there when there is trouble at school and trouble at home
  • dealing with specific needs of students in both integrated and non-integrated classrooms.

This comprehensive approach to improving your students’ learning environment in your classroom is full of fresh strategies for F–12. New and experienced teachers will find valuable insights, checklists and tools for reaching individual students, small groups and a whole class.

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