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Moving Math: How to Use Thinking Skills to Help Students Make Sense of Mathematical Concepts and Support Numeracy Development

Author: Mary Fiore, Maria Luisa Lebar

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ISBN: 9781760568498

No of Pages: 122

Publish date: 22/10/2018

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Moving Math presents an opportunity for you, as an educator,
to think differently about mathematics and help students use thinking skills to
make sense of mathematics.

Based on the premise that real learning involves a shift in
thinking and doing, this practical book shows you how to create classroom
conditions where students are eager to learn and grow. Cross-curricular
thinking skills, inferring and interpreting, analysing, evaluating, making
connections, synthesising, reasoning and proving, and reflecting, are
deconstructed and modelled through suggested learning experiences across
various year levels. The book describes how thinking skills can lead students
to make better sense of mathematical concepts that support numeracy.

This remarkable book is organised around opportunities that will
involve students in making insightful connections between mathematics and their
world. Designed to make mathematical learning tangible and engaging, hands-on
activities encourage students to ask questions, pose problems to solve and
explore ideas that will move their thinking forward. Authentic student solutions
throughout the book demonstrate how thinking skills support mathematical
learning and samples of teacher feedback help you guide students toward the
next step.

Moving Math will empower you and your students to
explore meaningful learning that invites questioning, deep thinking and
purposeful maths discussion.