Literacy Out Loud

Creating Vibrant Classrooms Where “Talk” Is the Springboard for All Learning

By: Terry Campbell, Michelle E McMartin

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ISBN: 9781760568481

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Publish Date: 22 October 2018

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How can teachers create a lively social network of literacy learning where talk is the foundation? How can classroom talk be encouraged and guided so that students become fluent and effective oral communicators? This book proposes everyday activities that will answer these questions and help literacy flourish.

Committed to the power of oral language, Literacy Out Loud recognises the important role “talk” plays in developing the reading and writing abilities that students need. The book offers strategies where oral language takes centre stage and is fostered through engaging activities in F–8 classrooms.

Literacy activities and events focus on all aspects of listening and speaking, and emphasise enjoyable, purposeful, social learning. This timely book reveals powerful glimpses into classrooms where students:

  • engage in speaking and listening for fun and for discovering themselves, one another and their world
  • become alert to the many topics they can talk about, read about and write about, both collaboratively and individually
  • find their own personal voice through listening attentively and responding genuinely.

Literacy Out Loud argues that listening and speaking, or talk, is at the heart of a vibrant classroom. It shows teachers how to nurture dynamic classroom talk that is essential in its own right and makes all learning possible.

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