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The Write Genre: Classroom Activities and Mini-Lessons that Promote Writing with Clarity, Style and Flashes of Brilliance

Author: Lori Jamison Rog, Paul Kropp

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ISBN: 9781760566760

No of Pages: 168

Publish date: 09/02/2018

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How do we make writing meaningful to students? This remarkable
book brings together a leading educator and a popular young-adult novelist in a
refreshing approach to helping students in Years 3–9 become more powerful

In The Write Genre,
teachers will find hands-on activities that focus on all stages of the writing
process, with teacher-directed assignments and opportunities for
student-selected writing lessons that emphasise writing to learn.

Organised around six writing genres, this practical book offers
more than fifty mini-lessons to develop specific skills that can help students
write effective fiction and nonfiction:

  • Personal memoir – from developing personal timelines to
    power paragraphing and cutting the clutter

  • Fictional narrative – from exploring
    character, plot and dialogue to clarifying point of view and resolving conflict

  • Informational report – from concise
    note-taking to finding ways to add voice and style

  • Opinion piece – from recognising loaded
    words and other persuasive writing techniques to expressing opinions on
    everyday issues

  • Procedural writing – from incorporating visuals and
    interviewing experts to writing imperative sentences

  • Poetry – from teaching the “tools” and
    forms of poetry to creating a poetry anthology

This comprehensive handbook includes chapters that review the
writing process and writing workshop, and feature rubrics for instruction and
assessment. For easy classroom implementation, the key elements if many
mini-lessons are also presented in reproducible pages: frameworks, organisers,
prompts, checklists and grids.

The Write Genre shows teachers how to help students build
the skills they need to become more confident, successful writers.