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The Write Beginning: Instruction That Starts with the End in Mind and Guide Students to Become More Effective Writers

Author: Lisa Donohue

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ISBN: 9781760014711

No of Pages: 96

Publish date: 05/04/2018

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This practical book offers a simple approach
to developing an assessment-based writing process with students – by beginning
with the end. It shows teachers how to introduce students to new forms of
writing by using successful writing samples that help students appreciate the
features that make them effective. 

The Write Beginning explores the features of successful
writing in different forms around the four areas of learning:

  • Knowledge – features of specific forms of

  • Thinking – ideas contained in the writing

  • Communication – the way writing is
    expressed through voice, word choice, sentence fluency, spelling, grammar, etc.

  • Application – personal connections the
    writer makes

Teacher prompts to guide student thinking about text forms, writing
traits and connections to reading strategies are offered throughout the book.

The Write Beginning argues that when young writers use
success criteria as a guide, they are able to develop a clear understanding of
their targets and set realistic goals for themselves. The book illustrates how
teachers can use the success criteria as a framework for providing descriptive feedback
to students, as a way of guiding their learning and as a means of helping them
to set goals. The students apply the feedback as they revise, rewrite or rework
their writing. The success criteria can also be used as a foundation for
developing student-friendly assessment tools (rubrics).

This comprehensive approach to teaching writing includes graphic
organisers, sample rubrics, checklists and student samples for easy classroom