The How and Wow of Teaching

Quick Ideas for Mastering Any Classroom Situation Effectively, Efficiently, and Enthusiastically

By: Kathy Paterson

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ISBN: 9781760940621

No of Pages: 158

Publish Date: 28 January 2020

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This remarkable book shows you how you can do almost everything better and add some WOW to all learning areas. Based on extensive classroom practice, The How and Wow of Teaching is full of simple ideas for improving classroom instruction in reading, writing and maths, as well as for building life skills and social–emotional learning.

Teachers succeed when they grow, develop and strive to maintain the excitement and wonder – the WOW – of learning. This book examines a wide variety of daily tasks, from delivering engaging lessons to nurturing life skills. Throughout the book, simple steps for instruction are explained, along with suggestions for fun-filled activities and games. Practical and hands-on, the book offers tricks, techniques and original ideas for excellent classroom instruction in all learning areas.

A valuable resource for creating the ‘magic’ that happens with good teaching, the book offers:

  • tips for starting and stopping a lesson and everything in between
  • ready-to-use suggestions for teaching in any learning area
  • more than 50 proven strategies and classroom tools for easy implementation.

The How and Wow of Teaching is ideal for new and experienced teachers who want to use the WOW factor to remain motivated as they enrich the classroom learning experience for students.

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