Open-Ended Maths Tasks

Geometry, Statistics and Probability

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Reinvigorate your maths lessons with Open-Ended Maths Tasks! This easy-to-use resource will provide your students with all the practice they need to master task cards featuring geometry, statistics and probability problems, including mapping, probability, shapes, and more.

This new edition of Open-Ended Maths Tasks contains updated task cards, bringing the content closer into line with the new Australian Curriculum. This book, Geometry, Statistics and Probability, also features a generic skills table, as well as tables containing a list of Australian Curriculum: Mathematics content descriptions with reference numbers for their corresponding task cards.

These tried and tested, ready-to-use and reproducible task cards can be used throughout the primary maths classroom. The topics address the curriculum content for each of the levels covered from junior to upper primary. Each task has been developed to encourage critical thinking at one of the six levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. The book also contains a full description of the following thinking skills as well as examples of how to use them in converting traditional maths tasks into open-ended:

• Multiple Intelligences

• Creative and Critical Thinking

• Multiple Intelligences

• Bloom’s Taxonomy

• Habits of Mind

• Bloom’s Taxonomy

A full set of task cards are available to download at

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