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Hawker Brownlow Education has teamed up with leading educators to bring to you an extensive range of online professional development courses that you can complete anywhere and at any time. These fantastic courses are designed by world-renowned authors and experts in their field, which means you get the benefit of both research and real experience that other courses just don’t have.

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  • Expert authors

    These experts bring depth of knowledge of both research and real school practices to their online courses that most course designers simply don’t have.

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  • Work at a flexible pace

    We know that you lead a very busy life. That’s why your coursework will be available to you 24 hours a day. As you move through each unit, it’s easy to go back and review course materials and retake pass/fail quizzes as necessary.

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  • Interactive Resources

    Studying online means you need great resources. These courses offer that and more. Be able to access printable course resources, quizzes, reflection questions, eBooks and video units (including real in-class footage!) at any time.

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  • Range of Topics

    Tired of there not being a course for the topic you want to study? Fear no more! We provide courses on a wide range of topics from formative assessment, response to intervention, transforming school culture, professional learning communities, effective grading, and more.

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  • Expert Feedback

    Don’t be one in a crowd. Receive expert feedback and scoring of your work as you learn. You’ll never be unsure how you’re progressing in a workshop again.

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