Grounded Designs for Online and Hybrid Learning

Trends and Technologies

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The Grounded Designs for Online and Hybrid Learning series guides educators through creating successful online and hybrid learning environments that are rooted in proven instructional theory. Regardless of your underlying educational values or beliefs, the grounded approach outlined in this series will help you consistently develop quality e-learning experiences – without inhibiting your creativity. 

With new technologies constantly flooding the market, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming for educators tasked with creating online or hybrid learning environments. Traditional classroom methodologies often fail to meet learners’ needs when translated into the virtual realm. Technology offers exciting new tools to help F–12 students learn and it’s time to rethink how we teach with them.

Grounded Designs for Online and Hybrid Learning: Trends and Technologies explores for key areas for designing online learning environments: pedagogical approaches and tools for managing large online courses, practices for podcasting, the use of virtual worlds to engage students and encourage collaboration, and the state of F–12 learning around the world.

As more F–12 students take advantage of the opportunities available through online learning, more and more educators will need to learn how to provide powerful, stimulating and thought-provoking virtual learning environments. Grounded Designs for Online and Hybrid Learning: Trends and Technologies fills the void by illustrating how to create effective and efficient online learning courses.

Using Trends and Technologies and the other two books in the grounded Designs for Online and Hybrid Learning series, Design Fundamentals and Designs in Action, educators will see their classroom instruction come to life thanks to online learning environments.

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