Once Upon an Earth Science Book

12 Interdisciplinary Activities to Create Confident Readers

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Publish Date: 26 May 2017

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Author Jodi Wheeler-Toppen has been in your shoes. An experienced science teacher, she knows what it's like to work with students who struggle to understand their science texts. Once Upon an Earth Science Book came about because she couldn’t find a resource that shows how to integrate literacy and earth and environmental science – so she wrote it herself. 

Practical and easy to use, Once Upon an Earth Science Book provides everything you need to boost students’ skills in both science and literacy. The book starts with advice on teaching reading comprehension strategies to secondary schools students. Then, the twelve content chapters give you

  • hands-on science activities with engaging titles such as “Mountain Mayhem”, “Oceans on the Move” and “Garbage Soup”

  • writing activities that prompt students to connect what they did with what they read

  • assessment exercises to give you feedback on what your students are learning.

Wheeler-Toppen, who also wrote Once Upon a Life Science Book, says, “As you and your students work through these lessons together, you will be able to watch their confidence as readers – and your confidence as a reading educator – grow.”

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