Uncovering Student Ideas in Science, Volume 1, Second Edition

25 Formative Assessment Probes

By: Page Keeley

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ISBN: 9781760567637

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Publish Date: 11 December 2018

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This second edition of Uncovering Student Ideas in Science, Volume 1, is loaded with classroom-friendly features to pinpoint what your students know (or think they know) so you can adjust your teaching accordingly. At the book’s heart are 25 “probes” with curiosity-sparking titles such as “Cookie Crumbles”, “Going Through a Phase” and “Apples in the Dark”. These easily administered formative assessments will determine your students’ thinking on 60 core science concepts in a variety of areas, including light, sound, matter, gravity, heat, temperature, life science, and Earth and space science.

The probes are invaluable formative assessment tools to use before you start a topic or unit. The accompanying Teacher Notes sections have been updated in the new edition to include connections to the Next Generation Science Standards and A Framework for K–12 Science Education. As before, these teacher materials also do the following:

  • Explain science content.
  • Present developmental considerations.
  • Summarise relevant research in learning.
  • Suggest instructional approaches for primary, middle years and high school students.

Other instructional guides discuss students’ general misconceptions. Only this one provides reproducible pages you can use to discover student thinking on everything from Moon phases to conservation of matter. Each probe has been field-tested across multiple year levels and can be used at any point in an instructional cycle. This book will help you understand what your students are thinking and adjust your instruction accordingly.

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