Toward High School Biology

Understanding Growth in Living Things, Teacher Edition

By: AAAS/Project 2061

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ISBN: 9781760567620

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Publish Date: 10 December 2018

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Through 19 carefully sequenced lessons and activities, this unit gets middle schoolers ready for next-level learning. Students explore what happens at the molecular level so they can understand how living things grow and repair their body structures. Using Legos, ball-and-stick models, videos, and print manipulatives helps them retain what they learn so they can apply that knowledge later.

Both effective and engaging, Toward High School Biology

  • Draws on a research-based development approach
  • Takes and interdisciplinary approach
  • Supports the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Is refreshingly easy to use.

Between the print and digital materials, you’ll gain a big-picture sense of the unit plus explicit guidance to teach each lesson, conduct each activity, and prepare students to succeed in science classes to come.

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