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STEM Education Now More Than Ever

Author: Rodger W Bybee

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ISBN: 9781760567583

No of Pages: 172

Publish date: 29/06/2018

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Rodger W. Bybee’s 2012 book The
Case for STEM Education
was a call to confront pressing challenges and
opportunities in science classrooms. This new book is a call to action at a
time when the integrity of STEM disciplines is under assault. Now more than
ever, he writes, society needs to recognise the place of STEM education in the
cultural, political and ethical life of students as future citizens. But to
make this possible, science educators must address important questions that
will guide the development of their programs and practices throughout the 21st

STEM Education Now More Than Ever is organised into four wide-ranging,
thought-provoking sections:

  • Part 1 asserts the need for a new and
    urgent case for STEM education in light of the 2016 US presidential election
    and challenges voiced regarding science’s validity.

  • Part 2 discusses the Enlightenment, the US
    Constitution, democracy and citizenship as reminders of the effects of STEM
    disciplines on Western foundational ideas and values.

  • Part 3 moves beyond contemporary politics
    to centre on the purposes of STEM education and provide recommendations for
    translating those purposes into practical improvements. Bybee suggests newer,
    faster ways to help teachers develop relevant STEM units for their classes.

  • Part 4 concludes the book, answering
    questions raised in prior chapters and asserting the need for classroom
    teachers and the STEM education community to be strong leaders.

Having been in science education for more than 50 years and
written six NSTA Press books, Bybee draws on past themes that readers may
recognise. He explains that “the ideas have a new context and serve as timely
applications for the challenges STEM teachers and the community face.” STEM Education Now More Than Ever is his
positive and constructive response for the STEM education community as it
navigates these unconventional and uncertain years.