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Designing Meaningful STEM Lessons

Author: Milton Huling, Jackie Speake Dwyer

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ISBN: 9781760567552

No of Pages: 220

Publish date: 29/06/2018

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Here’s the help you need to ensure that your STEM-related lessons
are much more than just cool projects. As the title says, this book shows how
to make STEM meaningful for teaching and learning science. Best of all for busy
teachers, it provides examples that are easy to follow, can be used with
existing science lessons and can help your students gain content knowledge.

The book introduces a conceptual framework that keeps science
front and centre as you embed engineering, technology and science applications
in your lessons – similar to how you would embed literacy skills. Designing Meaningful STEM Lessons does
the following:

  • Provides 13 ready-to-use lessons in
    physical science, life science, and Earth and space science.

  • Retains the cool factor through lessons
    with titles such as “Cell-fie” and “Aircraft Catapult”.

  • Correlates with A Framework for K–12 Science Education, takes a constructivist
    approach, and operates within the 5E instructional model.

The authors are veteran science educators who have honed their
framework through extensive state and district training sessions. They know
that for teachers who want to deliver rigorous, high-quality instruction, “the
process of implementing STEM curriculum within the classroom is quite nebulous
on the best of days.” By helping you think about STEM as a “process and not a
thing,” Designing Meaningful STEM Lessons
offers clear-cut ways to bring STEM learning to life in your classroom,
easily and effectively.