Creating a STEM Culture for Teaching and Learning

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ISBN: 9781760565947

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Publish Date: 20 December 2017

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Join Jeff Weld on the STEM bandwagon with this dynamic overview of everything from why STEM matters to where it’s headed. Weld wrote this book to convince you that STEM in a “white-hot, transformation revolution in schooling as we know it”. Both wide-ranging and lively, Creating a STEM Culture for Teaching and Learning has something for everyone involved with education:

  • School leaders receive a road map for bringing their districts  or schools to the forefront of America’s STEM initiatives.
  • Year F–12 educators get valuable context for what and how they teach as they adapt to a STEM future.
  • Educators who work with student teachers are provided a playbook that instantly brings them up to speed and signals where STEM education is heading.
  • Policy makers find the guidance they need to usher STEM into the educational sphere at the local, regional, state and national policy levels.
  • Business leaders learn the importance of striking up relationships with the education sector in ways that will help prime the talent pump for future employees.

In this book, the story of STEM unfolds “as a how-to, can-do, who’s-who, you-too manual and memoir based in the experiences of leaders who walk the talk”. Weld’s infectious enthusiasm is sure to change the way you think about STEM from “not me” to “I’m in”!

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