Uncovering Student Ideas in Science, Volume 3

Another 25 Formative Assessment Probes

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Publish Date: 08 June 2017

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This third volume in our best-selling series Uncovering Student Ideas in Science contains 25 all-new “probes” to uncover students’ misconceptions in science and offers guidance on how teachers can use the probes for their own learning. 

Since publication of Volume 1 of the series, thousands of teachers have been using these innovative classroom tools to improve student learning in science. Following in the footsteps of the blockbusters Volumes 1 and 2, this book provides short, easy-to-administer probes that determine what scientific misunderstandings your students may bring into your classroom without your even knowing it!

This revised Australian edition of Uncovering Student Ideas in Science, Volume 3 features suggested connections to various Australian Curriculum: Science content descriptions for each of the 25 probes, making it an invaluable, and timely, resource for any Australian classroom.

Volume 3 offers five life science probes, seven Earth and space science probes, ten physical science probes and three nature of science probes. This volume is an invaluable resource for classroom teachers, preservice teachers, professional developers, and tertiary-level science and preservice staff.

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