Reader's Theatre

Wild Weather (Set of 5)

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Publish Date: 01 June 2015

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There's an old saying: everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. Until now ...


Total Words: 1818

Reader's Theatre is a unique and exciting way of increasing reading fluency and comprehension while engaging students of different reading levels and abilities in concepts from across the curricula.

Reader's Theatre is minimal theatre based around reading rather than performing. Narration sets each scene and no props or costumes are needed. Participating students do not need to memorise lines or characters. No preparation is needed other than the assigning of parts. Students first see the text as they are delivering it, a process that aids both engagement and comprehension when compared to other less immediate methods of text delivery.

Performing any of the books in this series, regardless of targeted subject area or designated year level, exposes your students to important elements of Language, Literature and Literacy, the three strands of the English subject in the Australian Curriculum. It is particularly concerned with the Reading and Viewing and Speaking and Listening components of the English Achievement Standards, which recur across every year level.

Because embarking upon a Reader's Theatre piece involves students not only reading text, but delivering it aloud as they do so, all the while interacting with others as they undertake the same task, performances are reinforced with immediate real-world experience and instant, relevant feedback.

Additionally, this book introduces concepts found in the Science subject, specifically the Earth and Space Sciences sub-strand of the Science Understanding strand in the Australian Curriculum, which extends across all year levels from F-10. No prior scientific knowledge is needed for students to engage with the story - it can serve as a lead-in to instructing students in new concepts or simply as an interesting Reader's Theatre exercise.

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