Next Time You See a Cloud

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Publish Date: 14 March 2017

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Next time you want to see a show, go outside and look at the sky. The clouds will put on a pageant for you with their every-changing shapes and sizes. This book reveals some fascinating science behind these beautiful displays. Author Emily Morgan, answers all kinds of questions: What are clouds made of? Why are some white? Which clouds mean fair weather is coming, and which ones means rain is on the way? If you could reach those fluffy, floaty puffs, could you jump on them like a trampoline? Next Time You See a Cloud is an engaging look at the science behind a sky-high spectacle. Make it a habit to keep looking up; there's a new show every day!

Awaken a sense of wonder in a child with the Next Time You See. The books will inspire primary-age children to experience the enchantment of everyday phenomena such as sunsets, seashells, fireflies, slaters and more.

Especially designed to be experienced with an adult, be it a parent, teacher or friend, Next Time You See books serve as a reminder that you don't have to look far to find something remarkable in nature.

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