Natural Learning for a Connected World

Education, Technology, and the Human Brain

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Publish Date: 27 April 2012

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Why do video games fascinate kids so much that they will spend hours pursuing a difficult skill? Why don't they apply this kind of intensity to their schoolwork? These questions are answered by the authors who pioneered brain/mind learning with the publication of Making Connections: Teaching and the Human Brain. Caine and Caine build a bridge to the future of education with a dynamic model of teaching that works for all year levels and all cultural and ethnic groups.

Book Features:

  • Describes an approach for integrating technology into teaching that will help all students learn with greater depth and ease.
  • Synthesises research from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, biology and education.
  • Contrasts the ways in which video games are designed with the way students are taught in school, demonstrating traditional education's inconsistencies with how the brain learns best.
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