Improving Teacher Development and Evaluation

A Guide for Leaders, Coaches, and Teachers

By: Robert Marzano, Cameron L. Rains, Phil Warrick

With: Julia A Simms

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ISBN: 9781760569594

No of Pages: 207

Publish Date: 08 April 2021

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Teacher development and evaluation systems have a long history in education, but the history of their shortcomings is just as long. Improving teacher development and evaluation: A guide for leaders, coaches, and teachers introduces transformative, research-based processes for supporting teacher growth and reliably evaluating performance. Authors Robert J Marzano, Cameron L Rains and Philip B Warrick provide in-depth background on teacher development and evaluation, make a strong case for the need to reconceptualise both systems, and present specific suggestions for improvement. Teachers cannot become great unless they are given the time, support and tools to grow in their professional practice. Encourage individual growth and treat teachers as professionals with this new paradigm of development and evaluation.

F–12 school leaders, instructional coaches and teachers will:

  • recognise the failure of past teacher evaluation efforts and its relationship with stagnant teacher development
  • discover the beneficial influence of teacher reflection and self-rating on elements of effective instruction
  • receive protocols and strategies for coaching teachers and providing feedback
  • restructure systems of classroom observation and evaluation to improve their effectiveness and encourage teacher development
  • learn new, more reliable methods of scoring teachers’ classroom practices and students’ academic growth.
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