A Handbook for High Reliability Schools

By: Gavin Grift, Jan Hoegh, Robert Marzano, Phil Warrick, Janelle Wills

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ISBN: 9781760012779

No of Pages: 148

Publish Date: 19 May 2014

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Usher in the new era of school reform with A Handbook for High Reliability Schools. In this invaluable manual for whole-school improvement, Dr Robert Marzano and his co-authors help you to transform your school into an organisation that takes proactive steps to prevent failure and ensure student success. Using a research-based five-level hierarchy along with leading and lagging indicators, you’ll learn to assess, monitor and confirm the effectiveness of your school. Each chapter includes what actions should be taken at each level, along with comprehensive reproducible surveys for school leaders, teachers, students and parents that will enable you to quickly and easily gather data and determine specific areas on which to focus improvement initiatives.

Using the High Reliability Schools framework, your school can

  • understand the most crucial factors involved in creating and sustaining a High Reliability School
  • recognise and stop problems in the school before they become an issue
  • study examples for tackling common situations that take place at each level of the hierarchy
  • access resources for gathering data at each level of the hierarchy

This revised Australian edition of A Handbook for High Reliability Schools has been adapted by Dr Janelle Wills, director of the Marzano Institute Australia, to align with Australian educational policies and practices. Although Australian schools have not traditionally operated from a high reliability perspective, there is nothing stopping them from doing so. Using this handbook, leaders can guide their schools to unprecedented levels of performance.

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