Building Basic Vocabulary

Tracking My Progress

By: Robert Marzano

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Publish Date: 15 July 2020

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Direct vocabulary instruction is crucial for student success. In this resource, students learn and practice Robert J Marzano’s 2845 basic (or tier one) vocabulary terms and 2889 challenge (or tier two) terms. Students can often infer the general meaning of a term by examining other terms related to it. Here, the terms are presented in 420 semantic clusters to facilitate connections between new terms and those that students already know.

Using this resource, students can determine which words they know well, which words they recognise but don’t know, and which words are new to them. As students move through the clusters, journaling their learning and tracking their progress, they will experience the satisfaction of acquiring new knowledge and enhancing what they already know. Designed to be used by itself or with Marzano Resources’ Building basic vocabulary online tool, this resource supports students as they acquire the basic and advanced vocabulary terms that are fundamental to English language development.

Some of the great features include:

  • 5734 basic and advanced terms identified by Marzano, organised into 420 sematic clusters
  • a student self-assessment scale for each term
  • room for notes, pictures and mnemonic devices to help students remember the terms and their meanings
  • material aligned with Marzano Resources’ Building basic vocabulary online tool.
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