Teaching Basic, Advanced, and Academic Vocabulary

A Comprehensive Framework for Elementary Instruction

By: Robert Marzano

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Publish Date: 08 July 2020

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Ensuring students have a working knowledge of basic and advanced vocabulary should be a focal point for vocabulary development in elementary school. However, it is virtually impossible for teachers to teach all new terms students will encounter. Therefore, Teaching Basic, Advanced, and Academic Vocabulary: A Comprehensive Framework for Elementary Instruction presents a simple and straightforward solution. By organising terms into semantic clusters and subject areas, author Robert J Marzano creates a powerful and unique framework to ensure students develop a strong foundation for literacy development and academic achievement. Based on a very robust analysis of high-frequency words, Marzano identifies 2845 basic (tier one) terms and 5160 advanced (tier two) terms and organises them into 444 semantic clusters. He then identifies 2141 academic (tier three) terms and 14 topics. With this book, F–5 teachers will obtain tools and strategies to ensure students master basic and advanced vocabulary terms before middle school.

Readers will:

  • understand the importance of teaching and reinforcing basic and advanced vocabulary terms as a schoolwide effort
  • learn the cluster approach to vocabulary instruction and how it helps students gradually learn the unique features of terms
  • obtain a reproducible diagnostic assessment tool to identify where students fall on the cluster continuum
  • gain strategies for teaching students who require individualised assistance, such as students of poverty and English learners
  • access an appendix of 444 semantic clusters, listing over 8000 basic and advanced vocabulary terms, organised by part of speech and frequency.
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