Vision and Action

Reinventing Schools Through Personalized Competency-Based Education

By: Jennifer R. Karnopp, Charles M. Reigeluth

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Publish Date: 29 April 2020

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In Vision and Action: Reinventing Schools Through Personalized Competency-Based Education, authors Charles M. Reigeluth and Jennifer R. Karnopp provide readers with a comprehensive guide to implementing personalized competency-based education (PCBE). PCBE is the system most capable of preparing students for life in the post-industrial age. This book is broken into two complementary and digestible parts – (1) vision and (2) action. F–12 school and district leaders, teachers and stakeholders will define their vision and proactively design a holistic model of PCBE. Next, they will learn how to act on that vision in their school or district. In this book, readers will discover all the knowledge and strategies necessary to overcome the challenges of change and successfully bring a new paradigm of education to their students and schools. 

Readers will:

  • become familiar with PCBE and its qualities and benefits
  • learn how to build a vision of PCBE by considering and planning for the unique changes that their classrooms, schools and districts will require to best meet students’ needs
  • study six core ideas and their associated principles and use them to build their PCBE vision
  • access two detailed case studies and countless examples from the field
  • understand how to put their PCBE vision into action to transform their classrooms, schools and districts.
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