Leading the Evolution

How to Make Personalized Competency-Based Education a Reality

By: Mike Ruyle

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ISBN: 9781760940287

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Publish Date: 29 October 2019

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Visionary school leaders must be able to shift existing educational pedagogies and structures in order to meet every student’s individual learning needs. Leading the Evolution: How to Make Personalized Competency-Based Education a Reality explains how to do just that using personalised competency-based education (PCBE), which marries the ideas of personalised learning and the individualisation of academic content. To effectively implement PCBE, author Mike Ruyle and contributors Tamera Weir O’Neill, Jeanie M. Iberlin, Michael D. Evans and Rebecca Midles offer the evolutionary triad, a framework consisting of three main points: (1) the transformational instructional leader, (2) the optimistic teacher and (3) the engaged student.

K–12 school leaders and teacher leaders will:

  • Understand why evolving education beyond the traditional model is imperative
  • Consider in detail all three points of the evolutionary triad
  • Realise the importance of PCBE
  • Recognise how shifting to PCBE is an act of social justice
  • Explore the role of High Reliability SchoolsTM in sustaining PCBE
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Price A$39.95
ISBN 9781760940287
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