More Brain-Powered Science

Inquiry Learning With Unexpected Results

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Thomas O’Brien uses 22 inquiry-oriented discrepant events – hands-on explorations or demonstrations in which the outcome is not what students expect – to challenge students’ preconceived ideas and urge them to critically examine empirical evidence, draw logical inferences and sceptically review their initial explanations with their peers. More Brain-Powered Science is the perfect dual-purpose activity book for Years 6–12 science teachers who aim to stimulate and motivate their students while expanding their own scientific understanding. Each activity will help bridge the gap between practice and theory for both students and teachers by relating conclusions to science concepts and pedagogical principles.

This revised Australian edition of More Brain-Powered Science features correlations to with the three strands – Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills – of the Australian Curriculum: Science, including various content descriptions for the science activities. These content descriptions describe the knowledge, concepts, skills and processes that teachers are expected to teach and students are expected to learn.

The inquiry-based lessons and related extension activities can serve as a framework for the professional development collaborations or as a supplement to conventional preservice science teaching methods courses. Each chapter includes an introduction, an explanation of the science and science education concepts addressed, a materials list, teacher debriefing tools, safety notes and additional internet resources. Whether used in conjunction with O’Brien’s previous book, Brain-Powered Science, or as an independent text, More Brain-Powered Science offers hours of interactive learning for teachers and students alike.

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