Models and Approaches to STEM Professional Development

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Publish Date: 06 October 2016

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The arrival of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) makes this a great time to kick-start your professional development program for training proficient teachers - and this ambitious book is the perfect source of inspiration to help you do so.

As the editors say, the book's emphasis is on creating highly effective teachers capable of improving student achievement in STEM education; its focus is on large-scale, long-term, research-based models that underlie reform efforts in cities, districts, and states across the nation. The book opens with expert views on the history of professional development in science education, the challenges of the new standards, and related research on learning. Then, the book's core highlights critical aspects of several successful programs and provides forward-looking insights into STEM-based professional development.

Models and Approaches is a vital resource for state, district, and school leaders as well as classroom teachers. It will help you to both analyze what you do now and implement fresh strategies for making your STEM professional development more effective at all levels.

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