Minding The Achievement Gap One Classroom At A Time

By: Margaret M Black, Sharon Ford, Jane Pollock

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ISBN: 9781743307755

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Publish Date: 30 April 2013

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The achievement gap is a persistent and perplexing challenge for educators. While school- and system-level reforms continue to be discussed, individual teachers are constantly challenged to do something to help students who are falling short of standards.

A companion to the ASCD best-seller Improving Student Learning One Teacher at a Time, Minding the Achievement Gap One Classroom at a Time identifies small, specific adjustments to planning, teaching and assessment practices that will support more effective learning in every student, every day, and help close the achievement gap on a classroom-by-classroom basis. You will learn how to:

  • Use readily available tools – curriculum documents, a plan book and a grade book – to improve all students' access to, interaction with and mastery of lesson content.
  • Design daily lessons that clarify learning goals and require students to use high-yield learning strategies, seek feedback and reflect on their progress.
  • Promote the progress of English language learners through coordinated pursuit of content and language goals, and synchronise instruction to improve the performance of special education students in both co-teaching and resource environments.

Minding the Achievement Gap also features the voices of working educators who share how "minding the gap" has helped them engage academically at-risk students and special education students; improve students' test scores; and sustain these gains over time. If you are a classroom teacher or specialist committed to helping all your students become more successful learners, then this is just the resource for you.

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