Curiosity and Powerful Learning Models of Practice 3 & 4

Whole Class Teaching and Concept Attainment Models

By: David Hopkins

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Publish Date: 19 January 2022

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The Curiosity and powerful learning manuals are designed for teachers and for school and system leaders who are embarked on a school improvement journey. The manuals describe how schools can lift student learning. The steps are drawn from practical experience, tested and refined in schools over time.

Three manuals are at the core of the series, The system and powerful learning, Curiosity and powerful learning and Leadership for powerful learning. Together they explain how powerful learning is made real for our students through purposeful, specific changes in whole school culture, classroom culture, leadership and teaching practice.

The series includes Curiouser and curiouser and Models of practice manuals which concentrate on precision in teaching practice. They stand as references for improving, planning and monitoring professional practice, assisting us to get to the heart of the learning enterprise.

The manuals recognise that schools differ, and must differ, in responding to their communities. Diversity among schools is cause for celebration, as is consistently high student learning outcomes in all schools. Each manual emphasises the collective endeavour essential to achieving curiosity driven powerful learning. Teachers work together, students become more adept at using curiosity as a learning resource, leaders communicate purpose and direction. We all monitor outcomes and adapt as we go. We are all professional learners.

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