Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching Grades K-2

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Publish Date: 07 July 2017

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In Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching Grades K–2, mathematics teachers become learners. Authors Juli K. Dixon, Edward C. Nolan, Thomasenia Lott Adams, Lisa A. Brooks and Tashana D. Howse guide Years F–2 teachers in developing the deep understanding necessary to effectively deliver mathematics instruction. Using this practical resource, educators will discover key strategies to learn and teach foundational mathematics concepts for Years F–2 and provide all students with the precise information they need to achieve academic success.

Years F–2 teachers, coaches, supervisors and administrators will

  • explore how to increase their mathematics knowledge and improve instruction

  • watch short, engaging videos of real classrooms in action to guide their learning

  • discover three important norms to uphold in all mathematics classrooms

  • apply the tasks, questioning and evidence (TQE) process to grow as learners and teachers of mathematics

  • use the end-of-chapter reflection questions to ponder key points and consider challenges in implementing the strategies

  • learn how to engage students in important mathematical practices.

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