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Understanding Rigor in the Classroom

Author: Robert Marzano

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ISBN: 9781760569600

No of Pages: 128

Publish date: 28/11/2019

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Robert J Marzano has spent over 50 years revolutionising educational research and observation. Now in Understanding Rigor in the Classroom, Marzano brings that experience and expertise to one of the most complicated questions in education: what is rigour and how can I use it to improve my student’s learning?

Marzano cuts through the noise to define rigour up front on page one, breaking the concept down to its most essential components for each key situation of student learning – both declarative and procedural knowledge, and the different levels of student subject familiarity.

This book explores:

  • specific activities, tasks and concrete strategies for teachers to integrate and adapt

  • how to incorporate cognitive analysis processes and habit of mind strategies into every lesson

  • seeking rigour in Project-Based Learning through knowledge application tasks.

Understanding Rigor in the Classroom provides a focused, yet comprehensive framework for enhancing rigour across all levels and subject areas. This book makes it possible for entire schools, and school systems, to create comprehensive and rigorous F–12 curriculums.