Unpacking Coaching Mindsets

Collaboration Between Principals and Coaches

Author: Jacy Ippolito, Rita Bean

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ISBN: 9781760569105

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Publish Date: 28 November 2019

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In Cultivating Coaching Mindsets: An Action Guide for Literacy Leaders, Rita M. Bean and Jacy Ippolito put their years of research experience, classroom teaching, and consulting work into the ultimate guide for coaches and leaders responsible for literacy learning in their schools.

Here in Unpacking Coaching Mindsets: Collaboration Between Principals and Coaches, Ippolito and Bean take that guide and distill it into an approachable, on-the-go resource for literacy leaders and principals alike. It serves three essential groups and roles:

  • For established literacy leaders, as a quick reference guide for essential concepts
  • For aspiring literacy professionals, as a study guide to better prepare them for their education and professional work
  • For coaches and principals, as a conversation starter for greater collaboration and more effective leadership

With notes directly from the authors, concrete recommendations for improvement and self-assessment, and reflection questions for both coaches and principals to get the conversation started, Ippolito and Bean have created the most practical reference guide for any literacy leader to pick up and begin using immediately.

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