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The FIVES Strategy for Reading Comprehension

Author: Mary Shea, Nancy Roberts

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ISBN: 9781760564490

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Publish date: 29/06/2018

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To reach full comprehension of content and meet curriculum
expectations, learners need to go far beyond just reading the words. They must
deepen their understanding by asking questions about information, phenomena or
ideas they encounter. They need strong reading, writing, language and literacy
skills, but they also have to be able to listen, view and visually represent
complex concepts about authentic texts and real-world issues. 

Mary Shea and Nancy Roberts, authors of The FIVES Strategy for Reading
Comprahension, walk educators through helping students develop these critical
skills. The book is organised in sections focusing on Fact, Inferences,
Vocabulary, Experiences, Summary and applying knowledge acquired to write
cohesive paragraphs and essays. The authors discuss micro, macro and
metacognitive processes and provide guidance and examples to help teachers
implement the FIVES approach in any classroom, exploring:

  • Intervention strategies for various groups

  • Working with English language learners

  • Meeting curriculum expectations

  • Discussions that enhance learning and
    build community

The FIVES path to full comprehension translates into school,
career and life skills that lead to success. Each part of the FIVES strategy can
be universally applied across disciplines to develop high levels of competence
in all learners.