Learning to Think/Thinking to Learn within the Australian Curriculum

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Publish Date: 20 November 2014

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The Australian Curriculum framework acknowledges that Australian students are entitled to rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities, and stresses the need to develop skills for life-long learning through a strong classroom focus on high-order thinking. This publication aims to demonstrate how teachers may plan learning tasks for students with a strong thinking focus.

Learning to Think/Thinking to Learn within the Australian Curriculum describes processes that can be used to infuse thinking into everyday learning through the application and explicit teaching of various models and strategies. These strategies will see students engaging in a wide range if thinking tasks regardless of whether they are working within defined subject areas or on units that cut across traditional curriculum boundaries.

Much of the book is devoted to practical examples of infused thinking, including introducing the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, exploring Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences as a planning tool and applying strategies such as Tony Ryan’s Thinkers Keys. A range of other, lesser known models and strategies that encourage analytical, critical, creative and caring thinking are also described, equipping teachers with a diverse range of tools that will assist in bringing about a culture of thinking in their classrooms and across their schools.

This revised edition of Learning to Think/Thinking to Learn features correlations to various strands and sub-strands from a range of Australian Curriculum subject areas, ensuring that instruction is curriculum-aligned and meaningful.

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