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Leading Anti-Bias Early Childhood Programs: A Guide for Change

Author: Louise Derman-Sparks, Debbie LeeKeenan, John Nimmo

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ISBN: 9781760014018

No of Pages: 182

Publish date: 16/10/2014

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With a focus on the leader’s role in initiating and sustaining
anti-bias education in programs for young children and their families, Leading Anti-Bias Childhood Programs: A
Guide for Change
is a perfect companion for all teachers. Leading Anti-Bias Childhood Programs
emphasises that this work is not only about changing curriculum, but requires thoughtful,
strategic, long-term planning that addresses all components of an early
childhood program. With a powerful combination of conceptual frameworks,
strategies and practical tools, Louise Derman-Sparks, renowned expert on
anti-bias education, together with experienced early childhood directors Debbie
LeeKeenan and John Nimmo explain the structural and individual changes leaders
must foster. Featuring the authors’ extensive experience in the field,
supplemented with insights from other anti-bias educators, they build on and
expand current thinking about best early childhood leadership practices. This
book features:

  • The principles, guidelines, and
    strategies needed for school- and program-wide transformation.

  • Activities for working with
    teachers and families to integrate an anti-bias approach.

  • Strategies for supporting and
    strengthening the leader’s ability to initiate and sustain anti-bias
    education change, including resources to increase staff skills for
    implementing anti-bias education with children.

  • Tools for assessing anti-bias
    education progress and managing mandated standards and assessments.

Leading Anti-Bias Childhood Programs: A
Guide for Change
is an
essential resource for anti-bias education leaders engaged in change in the
wide range of early childhood care and education settings.