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Lawrence Lezotte


Lawrence W. Lezotte, PhD, is known as the preeminent spokesperson for effective schools research and implementation. He has written numerous books based on the seven correlates of effective schools. As a nationally renowned education consultant and commentator, he touches the lives of thousands of educators and tens of thousands of students each year through workshops and conferences across North America. In recognition of his efforts, Dr. Lezotte received the 2003 Council of Chief State School Officers’ Distinguished Service Award, and in 2009, he became the ninth recipient of the Brock International Prize in Education.

The Council of Chief State School Officers’ Distinguished Service Award is presented each year to outstanding Americans who have made a difference in education. The Brock International Prize in Education recognises an individual who has made a specific innovation or contribution to the science and art of education, resulting in significant impact on the practice or understanding of the field of education. 

During his 18-year tenure as a professor at Michigan State University, Dr. Lezotte served as chair of the Department of Educational Administration, associate director of the Center for School Improvement in the College of Education and chair of Urban and Metropolitan Studies in the College of Urban Affairs.