Balanced Literacy

Through Cooperative Learning & Active Engagement, Year 2

By: Jill Graber, Sharon Skidmore

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ISBN: 9781760942571

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Publish Date: 12 November 2021

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The ideas for this book are drawn from the combined experience of early childhood teachers and specialist literacy teachers. Literacy requires guiding the learner through scaffolded instruction. The balanced literacy components provide a framework for developing deep thinkers and strategic readers. This book is a resource for you to systematically develop literacy skills. It combines balanced literacy and Kagan cooperative learning. In this book there are lessons and activities to support the literacy components of aloud, shared, guided and independent practice to develop comprehension, word study, vocabulary, fluency and writing.

This giant resource is brimming with activities, lessons, resources and blacklines making it easy to implement a highly engaging literacy program. Use it as a complete balanced literacy program or pick and choose activities to infuse engagement into your current language arts program. Your students will use Turn Toss to practise spelling, Quiz-Quiz-Trade to master antonyms and CentrePiece to make their writing more descriptive. Activities have been developed for a complete Year 2 English and literacy program.

This book:

  • covers the five literacy standards: word study, fluency, writing, vocabulary and comprehension
  • delivers the literacy skills with the cooperative learning and active engagement thrills
  • encompasses activities, lessons, resources and blacklines to boost engagement in your current English and literacy program.
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