Janelle McGann

Janelle is a global educator with over 25 years’ experience in public and private schools in Australia, Ireland and the US. As a teacher, leader, consultant and lecturer, Janelle understands the demands of a changing educational landscape for teachers and leaders.

Focus areas: Differentiation, Understanding by Design, Collaborative Teams That Transform Schools, Teachers as Architects of Learning.

Janelle facilitates workshops and institutes with teachers and leaders, harnessing her wealth of experience from working at middle school, senior school and tertiary levels.

She has a passionate interest in learning – supporting teachers and leaders in developing systems that nurture the human spirit of individuals and organisations and the students they serve.

Her work with schools focuses on supporting teachers in their roles as curriculum designers and instructional leaders, so they can design more effective curriculum and pedagogy to meet the needs of students today and into the future. This includes using technology in the designing and mapping of curriculum.

Janelle (M.A.Ed.) is also a qualified agency trainer for Cognitive Coaching with Thinking Collaborative, a certified trainer for Understanding by Design, Differentiated Instruction and the lead training associate for Teachers as Architects of Learning.

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Location Australia
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