Fact vs. Fiction

Teaching Critical Thinking Skills in the Age of Fake News

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Publish Date: 22 January 2019

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The advent of the 24-hour news cycle, citizen journalism and an increased reliance on social media as a trusted news source have had a profound effect not only on how we get our news, but also on how we evaluate sources of information, share that information and interact with others in online communities. When these issues are coupled with the “fake news” industry that intentionally spreads false stories designed to go viral, educators are left facing a new and challenging landscape. This book helps K–12 educators address these new realities.

The book includes:

  • instructional strategies for combating fake news, with models for evaluating news stories and links to resources on how to include lessons on fake news in your curricula
  • examples from prominent educators who demonstrate how to tackle fake news with students and colleagues
  • a fake news self-assessment with a digital component to help readers evaluate their skills in detecting and managing fake news.
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