Building a K–12 STEM Lab

A Step-by-Step Guide for School Leaders and Tech Coaches

By: Deborah Kantor Nagler, Martha Osei-Yaw

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ISBN: 9781760568108

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Publish Date: 22 January 2019

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Few resources are available for district and school leaders looking to establish successful STEM labs. Frequently, efforts don’t gain traction because they lack a systemic approach and support from a broad spectrum of stakeholders within the school community. Building a K–12 STEM Lab addresses this challenge from the perspective of the leader, identifying opportunities for capacity building and ensuring equal access and equity for all students.

The comprehensive and flexible approach outlined in this book will help school and district leaders develop productive community partnerships in support of STEM education within the STEM lab and throughout the school.

This book:

  • addresses key issues in building a STEM Lab, including budgetary constraints, space limitations, technology design and resources, and inclusivity.
  • provides step-by-step guidelines designed to meet the diverse needs of a wide range of educational environments
  • includes vignettes describing the experiences of a variety of schools that have successfully established STEM labs in their schools.
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