Mobile Learning Mindset

The Teacher's Guide to Implementation

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Publish Date: 16 February 2017

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The Mobile Learning Mindset series offers practical knowledge and strategies for successful implementation of K-12 BYOD programs and 1:1 initiatives. This six-book collection provides district leaders, principals, teachers, IT staff, educational coaches and parents with the information they need to make any mobile learning program a success.

The next generation of learners must be able to think critically about real-world programs and come up with creative solutions. While technology can help facilitate these goals, teachers must understand how to effectively integrate technology to drive deeper learning. That's where The Teacher's Guide to Implementation comes in, offering insight and inspiration to teachers who are about to participate in a mobile device initiative or already have.

Through practical examples the book addresses how to leverage mobile technology to:

  • Center learning around the student.

  • Provide efficient formative assessments.

  • Facilitate parent communication and professional development.

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