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Invite! Excite! Ignite! 13 Principles for Teaching, Learning, and Leading, K-12

Author: Robin Fogarty

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ISBN: 9781742392158

No of Pages: 156

Publish date: 15/07/2016

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Teacher-to-teacher collaboration is more than a survival
tactic; it is the social interaction that propels professional learning. In her
new book, master teacher and educational consultant Robin Fogarty offers 13
guiding principles for new teachers and school leaders. These seminal ideas,
along with the stories that accompany them, will invite, excite and ignite
teachers from Foundation Year to university. Each chapter includes a
description of the guiding principle, a companion vignette, classroom examples,
teaching and learning tips, and discussion questions. While designed for new
and preservice teachers, coaches, mentors and seasoned veterans will also find
new perspectives and ideas for their own practice and for mentoring newcomers
to the profession.

Key Features:

  • A conversational tone, including stories that entertain yet make a key point.

  • Tips for incorporating new information from neurological research on how we learn.

  • Proven techniques for differentiating instruction to meet the talents and needs of students.

  • Examples of strategies in each chapter with do-it-yourself activities to try.

  • Helpful insights appropriate for school leaders as well as teachers.