Introduction to Curriculum Design in Gifted Education

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Publish Date: 19 February 2016

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Gifted students require a curriculum that intentionally aligns with their advanced abilities to ensure engagement at the appropriate level of intensity and depth.

Introduction to Curriculum Design in Gifted Education offers an in-depth exploration of curriculum development for the gifted. Included are the general foundations of good curriculum design, a survey of curriculum models appropriate for gifted learners, an examination of design considerations across content areas, a detailed analysis of the role assessment has in the curriculum development process and an exploration of trends and future directions of curriculum development for the gifted.

Each chapter is authored by experts with considerable knowledge pertaining to curriculum implications for gifted students and is written with the practitioner in mind to facilitate effective implementation.

This text is an essential addition to the library of any educator seeking to create new and/or adapt existing curriculum to better address the interests and abilities of gifted students.

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