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Interactive Readers Levelling Chart

Levelled Resources for F-6

Demonstrates steadily increasing complexity as recommended by the Australian Curriculum!

Easily choose which products are right for your students with our helpful levelling chart!

At Hawker Brownlow Education, we take great pride in the quality and consistency of our levelling system. We level our interactive resources according to a letter system. We understand that teachers use many different systems to determine the reading levels appropriate for their students. Our conversion guide shows how letter levels correspond to other approaches.

Once you\'ve chosen which product is right for you, scroll down or click the tabs above to learn more about the product and view demos.

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  • Sight Word Readers

    Foundation (Level AA)

    Sight Word Readers come alive in these 47 engaging interactive e-reader DVDs and companion full-colour A5 printed readers. They are aimed at early readers and cover Science, Numeracy and Inquiry themes on a range of familiar topics.

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  • Rising Readers

    Prep to Year 1 (Levels A-I)

    Rising Readers are for developing readers and are stories based around nursery rhymes or short fictional tales. They have been levelled so that students can read them on their own.

    48 titles across reading levels A-I.

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  • Daily Sentence Editing

    Years 1 to 6

    Each book in the Daily Sentence Editing series contains 180+ year-appropriate sentences. These sentences can be edited on an interactive whiteboard, at individual computers or even with paper and pencil.

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  • Maths Word Problems

    Years 1 to 6

    Each book in the Interactive Learning: Maths Word Problems series contains 110+ year-appropriate maths problems to be used in the classroom. These activities can be done on an interactive whiteboard, at individual computers or even with paper and pencil.

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  • Reading Fiction and NonFiction

    Years 1 to 4

    The Reading Fiction & Nonfiction series is the perfect resource for any teacher who wants to make reading fun again. With 51 reading passages and 101+ activities, Reading Fiction & Nonfiction will get your students excited about reading, and engage them in new and interesting ways.

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  • Interactive Game Wizard

    Years 1 to 6

    Complement and reinforce specific academic skills by creating games that align with your curriculum using Interactive Game Wizard. Designed to be used on both individual computers and on interactive whiteboards as a whole-class activity, the games you create will be a powerful learning tool that can be used year after year.

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