Instructional Leadership for School Improvement

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Publish Date: 06 May 2013

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What is the work of the principal in championing school improvement? Instructional Leadership for School Improvement attempts to address the myriad responses that could be given to answer this question by exploring school improvement and the work of the principal.

It provides detailed tips and strategies to show you what principals need to do to:

  • assess and promote a culture and climate for school improvement
  • build teams and support their work
  • create the conditions so that teacher leaders can emerge
  • collect and analyse multiple measures of data
  • monitor and document school improvement efforts

The opening chapter creates the context for school improvement and outlines the role of the principal, as defined in the chapters that follow. The second explains the principal's role in assessing and building a positive school culture and setting the climate for school improvement. Chapter 3 explores ways in which the principal can be supportive of and create conditions so that leaders can emerge in the educational setting. Chapter 4 outlines ways in which the principal can support team building and the work that teams need to tackle during school improvement. Chapter 5 leads the principal in the planning for school improvement. Finally, Chapter 6 identifies the principal's role in implementing and monitoring school improvement.

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