Teaching Exceptional Learners

By: Tammy Heflebower

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Standards-based learning environments affect all students, yet exceptional situations may need some special considerations. During this immediate impact session, Tammy Heflebower discusses such situations and provides guidance for teachers working with students with disabilities, English learners, and gifted students. Participants will learn how to adapt proficiency scales and grading methods for these learners, along with how to address special classes, including electives, AP, and IB classes.

  • Understand how to link proficiency scales with multitiered systems of support
  • Learn how to use proficiency scales with exceptional learners
  • Explore strategies for assigning grades to exceptional students
  • Discover how to use standards-based learning in special classes (e.g., electives, AP, and IB)
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Conference Start Date Mar 1, 2021
Conference End Date Dec 31, 2021