Inspiring The Best In Students

By: Jonathan Erwin

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Publish Date: 02 August 2012

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Students’ success in school and later in life is highly dependent on their ability to 1) regulate their emotions and control their behavior and 2) get along with their teachers and peers. In Inspiring the Best in Students, Jonathan Erwin wants to teach you how to inspire students to learn, behave responsibly, and improve their relationships with themselves, other students, and you. Following up his ASCD best-seller The Classroom of Choice, Erwin draws from the latest research on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and the theories of Edward Deci, Daniel Goleman, and William Glasser to offer a social-emotional model that

  • Helps students become more aware of how their learning and behavior are influenced by their perceptions and needs. 
  • Empowers students to see the world more clearly and take responsibility for their learning and behavior. 
  • Opens students’ minds to strategies for overcoming the barriers that prevent them from learning and collaborating with peers. 
  • Can be integrated seamlessly into any content area. 

As Erwin presents new concepts—including the Internal Profile, Total Behavior, and Essential Social Skills, among others—he equips you with lots of games, role-plays, and student-centered activities that address social-emotional learning and character education, promote self-awareness and control, educate the whole child—all leading to improved learning and achievement.

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