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Inside the Black Box

Author: Dylan Wiliam, Patricia Buoncristiani, Paul Joseph Black

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ISBN: 9781760011284

No of Pages: 28

Publish date: 08/01/2014

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Assessment for learning has long been recognised as a key factor in raising students’ standards of achievement, yet many teachers in Australia still struggle to strike a balance between formative and summative assessments. This revised Australian edition of Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam's Inside the Black Box aims to help our nation's educators improve their assessment practice by offering easy-to-read advice on how to implement the key techniques within formative assessment – questioning, feedback, and peer- and self -assessment.

As the first booklet in the hugely influential Black Box series, Inside the Black Box provides a concise discussion of the benefits of formative assessment and shows how schools should consider and debate the introduction of assessment for learning in order to raise standards. The philosophy of the Black Box series is that formative assessment is considerably more than the sum of a series of handy tips and techniques; rather, it is about creating a learning culture within the classroom that enables the student to become an independent and effective learner.